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This 1720 Stradivarius, “The Angel” ex-Madrileno, has an incredible story. For its 300th birthday, if it could have just one wish granted, it would be a return to its origins.

But Covid came to crash the party, and while it’s managed to disrupt creativity somewhat, the virus has in no way killed it. What better tribute to pay to this exceptional instrument than to bring it back to its origins.

And so it was that in September 2020, Fabrizio von Arx and “The Angel” took the road to Geneva after the Festival des Bastions closing concert in Cremona, the place where Stradivari was born and where he created.

It was a vagabond journey with 7 stages of music and artistry, punctuated by magical moments between musicians, unique, relaxed encounters with the public, and moments of pure emotion.

What really strikes a chord with “The Angel” and its owners alike is the transmission of the violin’s sound and story: one that is still being written.


Documentary produced under the expertise and magnificent camerawork of J. Blanch Production