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Après un week-end rempli d’événements musicaux et culturels, nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer l’inauguration officielle de Casa Stradivari, entièrement restaurée grâce à l’initiative inspirante de Fabrizio von Arx. Aujourd’hui, nous avons célébré ensemble la renaissance de ce lieu historique, en présence d’Antonio Gambardella, Vincent Bernasconi et Stefania Soldi, tous réunis au sein de la fondation du même nom.

The beginnings

Stradivarius Art & Sound SA
was founded in June 2017 in Geneva.
It was the coming-together in January 2017 of:

The search for excellence.

In acquiring a violin from the legendary Antonio Stradivari's workshops, Olivier Plan and Fabrizio von Arx have set themselves the goal of democratising the world of classical music and bringing it out of its sometimes elitist, confined framework.

The goal is a shared one between its two protagonists:
one with his visionary ability, contributing a perspective that is different, demanding and relevant;
the other in his artistic quest and perfection when it comes to both gesture and sound.

One mission: outreach.

Together, the duo created the company Stradivarius Art & Sound, with the aim of promoting rare instruments and talents to revive the world of classical music. Both men also wish to match this precious violin and the projects linked to it with a universal cause that brings people together. So, beyond the beauty of sound, “The Angel” ex-Madrileno is also imbued with a cultural and moral message: to bring peace and harmony to the world.


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